Urban Indianz Ep 046 Buggin Malone

Urban Indianz Ep 046 Buggin Malone

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote

Produced By Robert Mehling

Guests: Buggin Malone

Music: Thrill Iz Gone by Buggin Malone


Native American student not allowed to walk at graduation because of traditionally decorated cap


605 Summer Classic


Indigenous Music Awards



Gabriel Night Shield, Robert Mehling, Char Green, Sioux Falls, Shaina Yellowback, Nathan Foote, Buggin Malone

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The Urban Indianz Podcast and Educated and Entertaining Look through the eyes of the modern day Native American. Hosted by everyone’s favorite natives Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Char Green-Maximo, and Kat Stands.